Non-Romantic Relationship Coaching

Family Coaching

Humans are social beings.  We function best in relation to other people and our environment.  In other words, our happiness is influenced by our perception and interaction with other people. Therefore, RRLC coaching programs center primarily around creating better, stronger relationships with others, and helping clients make decisions that drive effective interpersonal communication. Through collaborative sessions, your RRLC Coach focuses on empowering you to:  

  • Stop rivalry and create a stronger bond with your siblings
  • Improve parent or family interactions 
  • Deal with problem neighbors
  • Work through a friendship breakup
  • Reconnecting with an old acquaintances

Career Coaching & Professional Development

Career and Executive Coaching

Today's job-market and workplace are very competitive. You need to be able to navigate social media, build virtual and in-person professional networks, just as proficiently as developing a results-oriented CV or resume and interviewing for success. Then, after you obtain your dream job, you must understand how to coactively function with colleagues, managers, and/or those you supervise, simultaneously balancing your personal life and work .  All of these activities require that you develop and maintain your career brand on- and off-line, as well as during, and in-between opportunities, but also managing your time. Your RRLC Coach helps to professionally and personally prepare you to become marketable for the 21st Century by:

  • Coaching around developing your career brand
  • Providing interview preparation and negotiating techniques
  • Administering career path assessments 
  • Helping with resume writing
  • Supporting you through resume posting, job searching, and job agent development


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