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Up and ready…Reid Ready!

I am so excited that my site is finally up.  Its been an interesting journey getting here.  I am really fortunate to have met my mentor coach, Jason.  From our first phone conversation, I was on fire to start my coaching practice.  I look forward to inspiring that same passion in my clients!

The website URL is www.reidreadycoaching.com.  I’m still working out a few bugs, but I think its coming along.  I also setup a Twitter account @ReidReady, and a Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/reidreadycoaching.  Be sure to like me!

I can say say with confidence that once I put my mind to this venture, I had no other options but to move forward.



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RRLC is an emerging leader in providing an evidence-based coaching practice that can help professional, high-profile couples build and maintain healthy marriages, and professional-minded leaders and executives attain ongoing career success through mindfulness, and collaborative coaching techniques. Our goal is to provide unique coaching plans to help success-focused people achieve their life aspirations. Our two missions are: to help busy executives, leaders, and innovators build and maintain strong healthy marriages, and long-term relationships through our exceptional marriage coaching programs that focus specifically on balancing career and life, and to assist professional-minded industry changers with developing results-oriented career brands, and to develop the right networking and strategy tools to attain ongoing professional growth in high-profile careers through a customized career coaching program. Our coaching plans are unique to our client and focus on motivation, accountability, and balancing two worlds, professional and personal, in order to attain clear goals in both. We see you as an embodiment of your specific experiences as an influencer as well as an individual with the capability of reaching your maximum potential and objectives in every aspect of your life. What makes RRLC different is that we do not cater to everyone. Our clients are particular. Likewise, our services incorporate empirical coaching methods, supported by social cognitive and positive psychology theories and practices, with a mindfulness approach. We provide coaching services at your home or office, or our location. We even offer virtual and phone coaching.

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