Coaching Expectations & Ethical Code of Conduct

The below conduct outline was constructed based on the International Coaching Federations (ICF) professional conduct pledge and requirements.  We have modified some items to reflect RRLC's business practice.  However, all RRLC coaches fully accept and abide by the ICF rules to govern ourwork and coaching relationships.

What to expect from a coaching session?

Coaching is not psychotherapy or clinical counseling.  In your coaching session,  your coach will not pick apart your past, or make you divulge family secrets.  You are not psychoanalyzed, and you will not be diagnosed with a mental illness.  Every client is seen as capable of achieving their goals. But, like all humans, life can throw you off balance. You are coming to RRLC because you might be stuck, unmotivated, or have lost confidence in yourself or others. Therefore, RRLC is here to redirect you back to what is most beneficial and important to you.

In each meeting, you choose the focus and direction of the discussion.  Your coach will intently listen, contribute their expert observations, and make necessary inquiries. Each session will focus on where you are currently and what you are willing to do to progress to where you envision your next level to be.  Both you and your coach understand that results are based solely on your intentions, choices and actions.  However, your coach will support you during the entire process. 

What to expect from your coach?

  • Your coach will not psychoanalyze you.
  • Your coach will view you as a healthy-functioning adult.
  • Your coach is committed to your success and believe that you can find suitable answers on how to improve your life.
  • Your coach will challenge you and compassionately push you out of your comfort zone to open your mind up to new experiences.
  • Your coach will discover, clarify, and align with what you desire to achieve
  • Your coach will work with you to develop and generate your own solutions and strategies
  • Your coach will not judge you or your choices.
  • Your coach will provide an open, honest, and caring environment so that you can freely and safely explore options, ideas and thoughts.
  • Your coach will give 100% of their attention to you during your sessions.
  • Your coach will encourage you to be accountable, responsible and actionable.

Your responsibilities during and after your coaching session

  • You will be ready and willing to take responsibility for your thoughts, decisions and behavior.
  • You will make up your own mind and follow your own intuition.  You will generate your own solutions.
  • You will do the work required to make the changes you desire to manifest.
  • You will be prepared for each session and complete any assignments as required.
  • Bring an open mind, open heart and flexible energy to each session.
  • You will show up for our meetings on time, and be ready to work.
  • You will contact me at least 24-hrs if you need to reschedule a session.
  • You will challenge your own way of thinking and belief system.
  • Be prepared and open to uncovering and discovering your untapped talents and resources.
  • You will follow up with me on your goals and achievements.
  • Give me feedback on what is working, and what is not working for you.

Coaching Code of Ethical Conduct

RRLC coaches acknowledge and agree to honor their ethical obligations to you, our peers, and society as a whole.  RRLC coaches pledge to comply with the coaching industry's generally accepted Standards of Ethical Conduct to treat people with dignity as independent and equal human beings, and to model these standards throughout our coaching relationship, and thereafter.  We recognize and pledge to abide by ethical standards of practice instituted by independent governing bodies, regulatory agencies, and credentialing institutions, even if we are not a member of these organizations.  Click here to learn more about our Coaching Code of Ethical Conduct.