Client Testimonies

  • "I have worked with Dawn for over eight years. She has been my career coach  and has always helped me find the right solutions for my work-related problems or to build better work relationships. Dawn also helped me develop an awesome career profile and resume. I have referred so many people to her because I have had such great success." Katina T., NJ

  • "I wanted to start a business where I could help single mothers and their children find support.  Dawn not only helped me identify why my need to start this business was so strong, but she also worked with me to find the right resources to develop a business plan, seek funding, and stay motivated. I now have the right tools and resources to help myself, so that I can help others." Clarisse, D., MI

  • "I didn't understand why I kept picking the wrong men. After four coaching sessions with Dawn, I understood what I could do different.  I was allowing others to take my power and devalue me. I had to learn how to value myself and put me first. Through Dawn's coaching program, not only did I build my self-esteem, I started focusing on me. I also used Dawn's dating and screening tips to filter out the wrong types of men.  By the 12th coaching session, I met a man that valued and cared for me, the way I had learned to value myself. I can't thank Dawn enough!" Laurie, M., CA

  • "Dawn was able to help me find my voice. I went from victim to victor after three sessions!" Sharon S., CA

  • "Dawn helped me find purpose in my life through her personal coaching. I was not sure about what I wanted to do with my life and was unfulfilled. Her guidance and positive spirit helped me find passion in life and start my own business. Thank you so much for your positive words!" Savonne A., NJ

  • "My experience with Dawn was good; coaching brought some attention to certain things that I probably wouldn't have seen had it not been for her coaching expertise. As this was my firstexperience with life coaching, I think she got right to the point of what the session was about and asked pertinent questions that would help guide me in the right direction." William G., NJ

  • "Dawn was very professional, positive, and extremely helpful and understanding! She made me think of things in different ways! I went from totally not knowing what to do to get a new career to having lots of different ideas about what I could do!" Cindy, VT