About Reid Ready Life Coaching

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Dawn C. Reid, M.S., Ph.D. (ABD)
Chief Coaching Officer & Owner
Published Author

RRLC was created with the sincere intent on being a premier provider of evidence-based life coaching. The goal of RRLC's owner was to ensure RRLC offers customized coaching programs to help success-focused people achieve their aspirations. We are founded on the ideas that people are more than the sum of their parts and people can achieve success and happiness if they have the right tools, skills and resources.

Our overall objective:

To help all of our clients sustain and enhance their trilateral being (mind, body & spirit, or professional, personal & social).

RRLC coaches live by key principle values:

  • Carrying out an ethical coaching practice by employing high-standards and clear boundaries
  • Focusing on the whole person through harmonizing 'trilateral life factors' 
  • Avoid passing judgment and supporting the decisions our clients make for their individual lives
  • Remaining objective, empathetic, and enthusiastic about our client's goals and dreams
  • Holding our clients accountable while remaining flexible to their needs and choices
  • Avoid projecting our personal beliefs and ideas on our clients or telling our clients what choices they should make
  • Applying current science and philosophies of coaching to ensure we are providing an innovative and up-to-date coaching experience for each client

What makes RRLC unique?

We have developed a proprietary coaching model that focuses on reality, accountability, and harmonization. As a company, we see each of our clients as distinctive embodiments of their specific experiences, and as beings that can reachtheir maximum potential. Likewise, our services incorporate empirical coaching methods, supported by social cognitive and positive psychology theories and practices, along with applying a mindfulness approach. In addition, we follow a set of principles that ensures our clients' success, our professional authenticity, and continued progress as an industry leader in the coaching field.