Reid Ready Life Coaching (RRLC) is an emerging leader in providing evidence-based coaching programs. Our goal is to offer unique services to help success-focused people achieve their aspirations. Our mission is to:

  1. Work with executives, leaders, and high-net worth professionals to
     maintain personal-professional life harmony

  2. Partner with career seekers and entrepreneurs to create results-oriented personal or professional brands, CVs, and business plans while establishing beneficial networking strategies to accomplish goals, and attain ongoing growth

  3. Work with couples to create and maintain healthy marriages, achieve both individual and joint goals, and to implement strategies that decrease marital stress

  4. Help individuals create, manage, and acheive work-life fit goals, health and fitness objectives, and develop healthy, holistic and harmonious lives

Our coaching plans are exceptional and focus on motivation, accountability, and balancing two worlds, professional and personal, for our clients to achieve clear objectives in both. We see you as an embodiment of your specific experiences with the capability of reaching your maximum potential in every aspect of your life. What makes RRLC different is that we created and use a proprietary coaching method, a two-level Trilateral Being Modelâ„¢ that recognizes the importance of harmonizing life factors interdependent with a person's mind, body and spirit at the individual level, and professional, personal, and social interactions at the group level. Likewise, our services incorporate empirical-based coaching techniques, supported by cognitive-behavioral and positive psychology theories, but also includes a mindfulness and introspective approach. We can provide coaching services at your home or office, as well as virtually and by phone.


Real "Reid Ready" Client Testimonials

References are available upon request

"I used Dawn's career coaching service and I was able to obtain a new job 3 weeks after I received my finished resume and cover letter.  I am actually earning $12,000 more a year!" Carlos G., NY

"I was crushed when I found out my husband was unfaithful.  I didn't think I could move past his infidelity. But, I did. Dawn was instrumental in helping me and my husband rebuild trust." Marie, S., PA

"My marriage was over, so I thought.  Dawn's coaching program helped me and my wife put our marriage back on track." Brian, K., NY

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